Mini Solar Panel 5/V

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Your imagination is the limit with this versatile mini solar panel. With your choice of USB or Micro USB connecting end you are sure to find the perfect use. It can be used to charge your phone, portable power bank, mini D.C. fan and more! Use with our USB  battery charger and rechargeable batteries for even more options. Great for outdoor activities or a fun project. Ideal for camping, hunting, fishing and any outdoor adventure. The amount of useable power depends on the intensity of the sun as with any solar panel. It does not store its's own power so be sure to get our rechargeable batteries and and charger to complete your set. Think outside the shed with this item. Get yours today!

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Material: Polycrystalline Silicon


Solar panels color: Black
Technology: PET Grinding Treatment
Maximum power: 1.65 W
Operating current: 300mA
Operating voltage: 5.5V
Open circuit voltage: 6.2 V
Short circuit current: 330mA
Your choice between USB or Micro USB (Male/Female) connecting end