1 lb. Propane tank refill adapter

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Tired of wasting money on those one lb. propane cylinders? Store out of them when you need them? This handy adapter will save you time and money. Use your 20lb tank to refill them. Get yours today!

Estimated delivery:10 to14 days  Tracking available

 Use safety glasses and gloves. If you are not comfortable with working with dangerous materials I suggest not to attempt refilling your own bottles. Please check local and state laws. Once refilled the bottles are not to be transported. When connecting do not over tighten as this will harm the rubber gaskets/washers. Check all connections with a 50/50 water, dish soap solution. The Red Shed General Store is not liable for mishandling or misuse of this product.


 Propane is highly flammable and dangerous. Watch a tutorial video for additional support if needed.