About The Red Shed General Store

    Hello and welcome to the Red Shed. The Red Shed Project was born out of necessity but turned into a passion project. It started while reburnishing a back yard 'Red Shed' for more space, (details in  blog and YouTube video), and decided to record the process. 

  It wasn't long before a few people showed interest and started asking questions. Looking for ways to expand the brand so to speak and decided to open an online store. In the blog you can see this project started before the Covid 19 outbreak and was glad we did. 

   The goal of this store is to not be a normal 'cookie cutter' style niche store and make it different, trustworthy, engaging and shopper friendly. One way this is accomplished is by buying sample products of items to determine the quality before listing. Our next ambitions are to further expand by applying 'Box Opening' and review videos to our YouTube channel.

    Have fun browsing and rest assured we focus on customer satisfaction from order placement to order fulfillment and delivery. Should you have a question about  an item or The Red Shed Project , please feel free to contact me at theredshedgeneralstore@gmail,com, I look forward to gaining your business and trust. 


                                                        The Red Shed