About The Red Shed General Store

    Hello and welcome to my Red Shed. The Red Shed Project was born out of necessity but turned into a passion project. I started reburnishing a back yard 'Red Shed' for more space, (details in my blog and YouTube video), and decided to record the process. 

  It wasn't long before a few people showed interest and started asking questions. I began to look for ways to expand my brand so to speak and decided to open an online store. In my blog you can see I started this project before the Covid 19 outbreak and was glad I did. 

   I did not want my store to be a normal 'cookie cutter' style niche store and decided at the onset I would make it different, trustworthy, engaging and shopper friendly. One way I accomplish this is by buying sample products of items to determine the quality before I list them. My opinion is, "If I wouldn't own it, why would I sell it? "Currently, almost half the items I have listed , I have bought and tested before listing. My next ambitions are to further expand by applying 'Box Opening' and review videos to my YouTube channel.

    Have fun browsing and rest assured I focus on customer satisfaction from order placement to order fulfillment and delivery. Should you have a question about  an item or The Red Shed Project , please feel free to contact me at theredshedgeneralstore@gmail,com, I look forward to gaining your business and trust. 


                                                        The Red Shed