80000mAh Qi wireless Solar Power Bank

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Lots of bang for your buck with this charger. With features like solar, wireless fast charging capabilities, four USB ports, three types of power input including: Type C, Apple and micro USB, and a LED light with multiple settings, you are sure to keep your devices charged and ready to go. Great as an emergency flashlight with four settings, dim, bright , SOS and blinking emergency. The solar feature works best as a charging method for the LED light and is not recommended as a standard way of charging the power bank itself. The solar panel can convert home lighting to usable energy if the lighting is intense enough*. You are sure to love this power bank. Get yours today!

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Battery Type: Li-polymer Battery

Features: with Solar Panel
Features: Support Quick Charging
Features: with Flashlight
Features: wireless charging
Output Interface: Four Usb
Input Interface: Micro Usb
Input Interface: USB Type C
Input Interface: Apple Interface
Shell Material: Plastic
Weight: 350g
Size: 157*81*33mm
Support Quick Charge Technology: One-way Quick Charge
Supports Solar Energy: Yes

1: 80000mAh Power Bank
2: Solar Battery Pack Wireless
3: Portable 4USB Mobile Phone Charger

* I have personally bought this item and tested it. I set the charger under an 10 bulb LED lamp about 6 inches away and the solar feature will activate*, allowing you to charge indoors under proper conditions.

If the charger is not to be used regularly please charge it once every three months to help protect the battery. Please fully charge before first use. As with any solar panel the energy conversion is low. It would take about seven days full sun exposure to fully charge the device via solar.